Praying for Our Catholic Sisters

In our previous event, “In Solidarity with Our Sisters,” we concluded by blessing all the Catholic sisters who attended – and there were many – with the following prayer and arms outstretched:

"We gather here today as Call to Action/Maryland, the people of God who are called by Baptism and compelled by the Gospel. Although many have responded to the call, it is you, sisters, who have been at the forefront of this action. You have answered the call of Vatican II by reflecting on your charters, by evaluating your way of life, and by stepping out into a society in which you were sorely needed. You have led the way for us – true leaders of the church, true prophets, true examples for all. We pledge our solidarity, our love, and our support to you , sisters, as we bless you in the name of the Holy One, our Mother/Father God. Amen.”

To view more photos from the event, you can visit our Facebook page.

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